For couples that separate, making suitable arrangements for children to spend time with both of their parents, and other family members, is a priority. Psychological research shows that it is not divorce or separation which causes long term problems for children but rather the effect of living with parental conflict. This conflict takes its toll on parents too. We know that arrangements for children that work best are usually the ones you can reach by agreement with or without the help of legal and other separation services.

We will advise you about your options for discussing and resolving arrangements for your children in a constructive and sensitive way. We know that each family is different and in some cases, the court does need to intervene. Our team of expert Family Lawyers will advise and represent you so that you can get the best possible outcome for you and your family giving you peace of mind. Our family team consists of Resolution accredited Children Law specialists.

Whatever your family’s circumstances, our team in Whickham and Cramlington have the experience to handle your case in an effective and sensitive way.

We manage all parenting disputes, including child arrangement orders, financial provision matters and step-parent parental responsibility issues. Our experienced solicitors can offer guidance and specialist legal knowledge with a FREE initial consultation, plus full Court representation if required.

The breakdown of a relationship can have a significant impact on children of the family. Not only are they likely to be affected emotionally, but in practical terms, it can mean a whole new living arrangement. In addition, this can even involve estrangement from immediate and extended family members. There will be many decisions to make involving your children as they grow up. Almost all of these choices will require some level of communication and agreement with the other parent. Compromise is key, both for the children’s sake and for your own.