We can take the stress of managing your assets after your death away from your loved ones and assist with any Probate application. Our specialist Probate lawyers are here to carry out your wishes after your death in a timely, sensitive and professional manner.

We can act as executors in your will or administer your estate. We can also provide support in dealing with all the paperwork for estates of all sizes. Estate administration and the Probate application can be complex. It can be an overwhelming process and we can help executors to move through the process with confidence. The administration of an estate may involve the calculation and payment of inheritance tax. This will also involve timescales from the date of death for which executors must be aware of.

We can ensure these are not missed and penalties not incurred. We will ensure that executors are kept up to date in connection with progress in the case. We can draft all legal documents that are required as part of the estate administration including oaths, tax returns and final estate accounts. Our Probate Fixed Fees start at £3,000.00 (inc VAT) due to the complexity of this process.

In less complex cases, we can offer an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT – generally, the hourly rate can amount to the same as a fixed fee due to the amount of work involved.