A Will can help make things easier for those nearest and dearest to you after your death. Preparing and signing a Will allows you to choose what will happen to your assets after your death and who will carry out your wishes. Our specialist team of Wills lawyers in Whickham or Cramlington can draw up a clear and straight forward Will for you.

The Wills team can also advise on more complex Wills and also help you appoint a guardian for your children in your Will and give advice on how to minimise inheritance tax liabilities. Even if you already have a Will you may need to make a new one if you; move house, divorce, re-marry, have children, have children reaching 18 years of age, have a death within the family, have a change of financial circumstances, move in with a new partner.

Whatever the situation our Wills lawyers are here to help and advise. Please contact us for a quote. We can usually offer a fixed fee. Our fixed fee for a simple single Will starts at £180 (including VAT)

If your will is complicated, we will charge you on a time basis but we will give you an estimate at the outset.