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24/7 - 365 Days A Year


We are proud to receive recommendations from our clients and from other professionals who place their trust in our ability to do the job well. Here are a few of their kind words about us.

"I would like to take this opportunity, now that I have had the time to process, just what you have given to my daughter and grandson. The work and support that you gave to my daughter has been life changing for us as a family and as a mother and grandmother I feel blessed that you were able to achieve peace of mind and a sense of emotional well-being for C and E that they both so richly deserve. I appreciate your high level of professionalism was a key factor in outcomes achieved and you walked with honour, character and integrity throughout. Thank You"

KT Holmes Family Law Client

"I would like to thank you for dealing with my mother’s estate which consisted of quite a sense of tenseness by certain parties. You brought everyone together in the end. Thanks for keeping us all calm and getting everything done, yours sincerely."

N Holmes Family Law Client

"Thanks you all once again for all kindness and professional help this past couple of years."

C.H Holmes Family Law Client

"Dear Helen, I wanted to express my deepest heartfelt thanks for all your help and hard work on my case. You’ve totally changed our future and made it a happy one here in Newcastle which my family and I will be forever grateful and hold you in high regard. I feel so happy that we can close the door on that part of our lives and move on to better things and in your words, we can 'go live our lives' Forever grateful."

I & R Holmes Family Law Client

"To all staff at Holmes Family Law, thank you for all your help and advice. You helped me through the most difficult time of my life and you gave me hope. Thanks once again"

E Holmes Family Law Client

"Thank you for everything. I couldn’t of got through the past year without you! Thanks again it was great to meet you."

J Holmes Family Law Client

"To Cara, thank you so much for everything. For all your advice, kindness and understanding throughout the most difficult time. I could not have done it without your support. I am grateful to you and everyone at Holmes Family Law and feel so lucky I had people who really had myself and my sons best interests at heart. I honestly could never thank you all enough."

Miss H Holmes Family Law Client

"Thank you very much for all the hard work you’ve done for my care. I believe it would’ve been very different without your involvement and you don’t know how much satisfaction you gave me to read my statements you prepared for my case!! It was a great pleasure to meet you, get to know you and I am lucky that such a respectable and knowledgeable person carried out the work for my case."

H.L Holmes Family Law Client

"I have been a loyal client of Helen Holmes from Holmes Family Law for 10 years now. Never have I had the privilege of being supported by such a true professional who has such passion dedication and determination for her clients. Her conduct is exemplary as are the whole team at Holmes Family Law. I highly recommend the amazing set of professionals who are a true credit to their profession."

Lisa Finlay Holmes Family Law Client

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to Holmes Family Law for all their hard work throughout a difficult and challenging case. I have experienced nothing but professionalism and sheer support throughout. Every member of the team has been valuable.

Many thanks to Rebecca Savage who went way beyond in answering emails out of hours etc, it says a lot about the individual and the company in my eyes. Keep up the excellent work and standards you are all amazing."

Karen Stewart Holmes Family Law Client

"From the very first call to Lily on reception, it became extremely clear to me that this is a highly authentic family focussed and genuinely caring company of experienced family law solicitors and staff.

Lily and her colleagues on reception are the cornerstone of this company making you feel very much at ease immediately upon arrival. Lily was keen to share with me briefly her own personal experiences of family and divorce law matters also, which made me feel a lot better about finding myself in my current unfortunate position.

I was then introduced to Rebecca Savage, who was immediately welcoming and understanding of my particular situation and soon routed out the 3 main areas of focus required. As a police officer, I was extremely impressed with the level of genuine fairness and integrity shown not just to myself personally but also amicably towards my wife who is, unfortunately, divorcing me.

This paid dividends as I soon returned for more legal and matrimonial advice such was my confidence in Rebecca. In my profession, I deal with a lot of solicitors and law firms but never have I ever come across people so genuine and caring as Rebecca, Lily and this company.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend this company to friends, relatives and colleagues who I am aware several have used. As police officers, we are highly critical of the law industry but I have to say I find this company and the people at the heart of it absolutely priceless. They are nothing other than a delight to deal with."

Nick Lawrance Holmes Family Law Client

"The team at Holmes Family Law are amazing, they go above and beyond what is expected from a legal team. They offer not just legal advice but a great deal of emotional support. They have given me my life back, some self-respect and the chance for my family and I to have a happy future.

It was the best decision I ever made picking up the phone a year ago and feel very lucky that Helen was on the other end. Helen is very assertive in court and makes sure your voice is heard. I think she would make a fantastic barrister.

Cara Smith's statement writing is fantastic she has such an ability to put your life on a piece of paper still capturing the emotion but in a concise way. Her determination to get all the disclosure from Northumbria Police was amazing. There was no stopping Cara she just kept going back and back to them, even right up until a few days before the court case. They eventually found one of the incidents we had been asking them to search for. This obviously was essential to prove my case. Again, her emotional support and referral to women’s aid has made a huge difference to me.

Laura was a great support at court and the choice of barrister was perfect.

I got what I wanted at court and it’s all thanks to Helen and her team. I would highly recommend Holmes Family Law to anyone going through family matters."

Leeanne Thompson Holmes Family Law Client